Producer & Composer: Decap

All photos & Ableton SF Meetup video by Lux.
Guest appearances & producers:
Chris Key
Dug Infinite


Producer / Composer / Sonic Sculptor

Who are some artists you have worked with?

Talib Kweli, Smoke DZA, Tim Kile (formerly of Arcade Fire), Snoop Dogg, E-40, and many more. My full discography is available on AllMusic.

What are you working on now?

Right now I am working on a top secret project with a bunch of talented
artists. Follow me on social media to stay updated with audio, video, my
process and details.

Why SF?

My girlfriend has been living in SF, and I moved in with her in 2013. It’s a beautiful city and there is
so much going on all the time.

5 Gear Essentials & Why?

1. Ableton Push
The Push has incredibly fast workflow, built like a tank, fits in my
backpack, and incredibly fun to use. It is an all purpose production
weapon in my arsenal.

2. Apogee Duet

This is a
portable beast of an audio interface. I have tried many different
interfaces, but this has the best sound quality in its class by far.

3. Mono Creators 365 Backpack
The Mono backpack is incredibly sturdy, and is big enough to fit all of
my equipment. I keep my entire mobile studio in this backpack.

4. Michael Joly NT1a (U87 Modified Condenser Mic)
I used to do all of my vocal recordings on a $199 Rode NT1a
microphone - until I came across Michael Joly. He is located in Cape
Cod, and modifies microphones. He gutted my NT1a and in turn, replaced
the internal parts so it replicates a Neuman u87 (a $4000 mic). Michael
does amazing work, and the mic sounds incredible! I record everything
from vocals to percussion, to acoustic guitar on this mic.

5. Rode ixy Microphone
This is an incredible little mic that attaches to my iPhone 6 Plus
essentially turning my iPhone into a full fledged field recorder. The
mic case clips onto my backpack and allows me to quickly record sounds
to use as samples when I am out in the world doing my thing.

Where can people can buy and/or license your music?

*Search on itunes: Decap

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