Artist Interviews

  1. Shepard Fairey “American Civics” in San Francisco SFAE

    13 Aug 2016
    Shepard Fairey “Through Jim Marshall’s iconic photos, Shepard Fairey interprets and brings to the foreground, five important social issues to inspire discussion and promote solutions.” - SFAE ( )

  2. 16th Annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival

    14 Sep 2015
    The 16th Annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, all photos by Lux at NovaXF The San Francisco Electronic Music Festival is an artist-run organization founded in 1999 by a committee of eight Bay Area electro-acoustic music and sound art practitioners. Its mission is to provide a highly visible public forum…

  3. IAMSU

    16 Aug 2015
    Sold-out show in The Bay AreaIAMSU!, Nef The Pharaoh, DRAM.Venue: Regency Ballroom IAMSU! Sage The Gemini DRAM Nef The Pharaoh

  4. 2015 Outsound New Music Summit: The Serge Modular Synthesizer & Touch The Gear

    27 Jul 2015
    A pretty sweet summit for interactive & creative music media. - Lux. All photos by Lux Here are the photos to the 2015 Outsound New Music Summit: The Serge Modular Synthesizer & Touch The Gear expo. Foreword:“The Festival begins with a music talk and demonstration of the Modular Serge Synthesizer,…

  5. Thrasher “Bust Or Bail 2” at Clipper

    27 May 2015
    All Photos by Lux.Instagram @Luxrad Jaws Kickflip Melon Daniel Lutheran BS- 50 Du-Lu Perspective 50 Jaws Melon Grab Jaws Melon Grab Kirby Overture Grind Paul Hart Switch Heel Bs 5-0 Front Board. Merlino- Sw Bs Lip James Brockman Sw Crooked grind Adrian Mallory Losi Grind Attempt

  6. The Jesus And The Mary Chain || Warfield || SFCA

    20 May 2015
    The iconic 1985 album Psychocandy played at The Warfield in San Francisco, CA.All photos shot by Lux.

  7. The Black Ryder || The Warfield || SFCA

    18 May 2015
    The first time I saw The Black Ryder was at The Chapel in San Francisco. Just before I became a photographer. I had the opportunity to shoot them live again an the Warfield where they toured with Jesus & The Mary Chain. As always,  La La Love you Aimee, Lux…

  8. “Le Colibri Rouge”: Mathilde Froustey SF Ballet Principal Dancer

    11 May 2015
    Let’s Dance Colibri Make Up Artist:

  9. Shlohmo, Purple & Nick Melons || The Fillmore San Francisco

    04 May 2015
    911 - 415- Fillmore 911 Act I. Nick Melons Act II. Purple Act III. Shlohmo

  10. Music Renaissance Man: Dug Infinite

    31 Mar 2015
    All photos, video and interview by Lux Artist Name, website and instagram:Dug Infinite some people call me Dug on instagram Specialty:Producer (+)(+) because I’ve engineered, emceed, b-boy, skateboarded, owned a skateshop, and been a dee jay. That’s why my friends started calling me Infinite What’s one of

  11. SF Ableton M33t-Up

    31 Mar 2015
    All video and photos by Lux.

  12. SF Ableton Certified Trainer: Lenny Kiser

    31 Mar 2015
    All video, photos and interview by Lux.

  13. Producer & Composer: Decap

    17 Mar 2015
    All photos & Ableton SF Meetup video by Lux.Guest appearances & producers: Chris KeyDug Infinite Decap Producer / Composer / Sonic Who are some artists you have worked with?Talib Kweli, Smoke DZA, Tim Kile (formerly of Arcade Fire), Snoop Dogg, E-40, and many more. My full discography is…

  14. Filmmaker: Matthew Green

    16 Mar 2015
    All photos and interview shot by LUX.( transcribed conversation from an in person interview) Matthew Green “Story is everything with film, and how to tell that story visually.”Instagram: @L_E_A_FFilmmaker & photographer: Christopher Nolan:”He’s a self taught filmmaker.”I’ve been working on corporate video for the past year which fucking sucks,…

  15. Bagger43

    23 Feb 2015
    BAGGER43 @Bags43 Specialty: X) Pen & Ink Y) Design Illustrator Artist Z) “If a person is compelled to create, the act of creating is a practice worth serious consideration. The result of that practice greatly depends of one’s commitment. Practice is an intelligent source telling upon continuous action.” Name…

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